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Packing the wrong thing in your checked-in bag has the potential to ruin your trip, especially when the bag gets lost, broken or roughen up by baggage handlers. A simple rule I can advice that you follow is to pack anything of value or importance in your carry-on bag, incase your luggage gets lost by the airline.

Just because #Almlcares , below in no particular order, are 7 things you should always leave out of your checked bag;

1 ) Jewelry and valuable : Although its not an everyday thing for checked bag to be lost by an airline, but the procedure of getting your bags back takes a long process and your jewelry might be gone at that time. If it is avoidable, please leave your jelwery at home, but if you must bring them, keep them in your carry-on bag.

2) Passport/Identification/Boarding pass; All these document should be kept with you in your carry-on bag, for easy accessibility when needed.

3) Cash/ Credit cards; All bags are screened electronically, but some are opened by hand, to avoid the workers checking your bag from stealing your valuables, it is best you keep them in your carry-on bags.

4) Laptop/Phone ; They should be packed in your carry-on bag because they are typically fragile, to avoid phone breaking or laptop cracking, its best you keep them with you.

5) Clothes; Dont put all your clothes in your checked bag, if your luggage disappears into the mysterious black hole of missing checked bag, you will thank me for advising that you put a clean pairs of underwears and socks in your carry-on bag. Infact, it is best to keep an entire outfit enough to get you through a day or two at your destination in case your airline loses your luggage.

6) Camera; If you are like me, and you are trendy with the digital world, you need to keep your camera close. The x-ray machines used to screen bags can also damage your camera lens. 

7) Food/Drinks ; By now, you all know how important food is to me. A lot of people are unable to eat whatever is given to them on the plane, they are either allergic or do not like that type of food, but do not put food and beverages in checked bags. Passengers are not prohibited  from storing food in checked-in bags, but it is a wise suggestion nevertheless. Bottled drinks are likely to explode or crack in transit, and this can ruin your clothes packed in the box.If the flight is delayed for a while, your packed food might spoil. Please note that whne traveling internationally, you may be prohibited from bringing food to your destination. Each country has it own rules about what kinds of food can be brought across borders. You should check the embassay website of the country you are visiting for more information.

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