Coping With Life in Lock down

Coping With Life in Lock down

Coping With Life in Lock down

Life in Lockdown: how are you coping?

Truth is, we live in and depend on a highly interconnected world made up of many distinct but related systems – environmental, social, economic, technical, political, cultural and so on.
For days now, all the working coffees, meetings, dinner with old friends, and book launch and parties have stopped because of the pandemic COVID-19.

Question for you- How is Life in Lockdown: how are you coping?

At the top of everyone’s minds, most people are practicing social distancing to help mitigate the spread of the virus. How about the listed activities to do during this social distancing on our blog posts?

Tried any yet? If you have not done any one please feel free to read and share with others.

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Although we cannot escape death, we can make an effort to delay it. That is why the governments of so many countries are restricting people’s movement. Everyone is required to isolate and engage in social distancing.
It’s no longer unthinkable that many activities ranging from sports, airline, and every other sector calendar for the year might need to be scrapped or postponed.
The blame should obviously not go to anyone; we are all in this together.
To be on the safe side, Don’t forget the rules

Stay Safe and Take Responsibility ! Be positive minded, this will surely pass.
#TakeResponsiblity #almlcares

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