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Hi guys, why havent you patronized us yet? Are you doubting our services? well, here is a review of a client that is satisfied with our services. Enjoy!

Life as a business man in Lagos, as you all know is way more hectic than normal. The hustle and bustle to make ends meet could frustrate one, to make it worse; nothing could be more frustrating than the Lagos traffic.  Sometimes I wonder if anything could be done about it because the average I spend in traffic after work is 2 hours, averagely! Every day.  I ask, “What is the essence of working and sweating profusely for this money if one can’t have a good time with it?” Actually, I’m of the STRONG opinion that every Nigerian should endeavour to always have a time to relax every year, even twice in a year (apart from festive periods)- it is very much needed, to put the mind in a blissful state. Now to my real story, I had promised my family a trip holiday to London before the end of the year; even though I was aware that I had a very busy schedule and it was a big threat to that promise, I still had to anyways. My first son is a die-hard Chelsea fan and he had always wanted to watch his team play at the Stamford Bridge, My wife equally wanted to see the thrilling places in London, for me? I just wanted abroad weather biko, I really needed it.

Meetings  upon meetings, I  couldn’t make proper arrangements  as regards the traveling plans, each time I got home after i had promised them, my son would ask me about the preparations to travel and my mind would skip, because I knew in my mind that nothing had started, like…at all. It wasn’t my fault totally, but the nature of my business does not spare me extra time for even myself, and again, Nigeria is just a funny place when it comes to having structures.

Fortunately for me one afternoon, I made mention of the challange to a junior colleague at work and he introduced me to ALML. At first I was skeptical about it, because I sincerely don’t trust most things in Nigeria, especially because I had been disappointed by couple of travelling agencies (and others). But that colleague of mine assured me that the name could be trusted, so I decided to check them up online, since I didn’t have a choice really.  Originally, I wanted to play as safe as possible and possibly just book a ticket from them, but it turned out that they were the perfect organization I was looking for.  Right in the office that afternoon, without having to go to their own office, I made a booking from the confines of my office. As matter of fact, the platform offered varieties of airlines to choose from (unlike other agencies that coerce their preferred airlines on customers).  Also, another thrilling part was that as soon as I made the tickets bookings for I and my family, I got a call from their customer service agent asking me if I needed any other thing. I knew I did want a lot more, but I wasn’t so sure if they could provide me all I wanted. “We are a total package” she said. Without asking, she gave a load down of what services they offered and to my utmost surprise I could indeed say they were “a total package” company. They helped with visa advice, securement t and renewal for clients; they equally help in booking hotels for trips, give insights on where to visits and a lot more. The fact that I could do everything at the confines of my office was the THRILLING PART! In less than 30 minutes, I was introduced to other suitable packages and I went with those I wanted. Even though there was annoying traffic that on my way home that evening, I whistled joyfully in it, knowing well that I and my family had been covered by ALML as regards our trip to London.

Eventually, the day to travel came and I had yet another issue, my driver fell ill unexpectedly and there was really no one at hand to convey me and my family to the airport; and equally bring back the car home. I was in a tight spot not knowing what to do, until one of their customer care agents called me to remind me of my flight scheduled for that day. I mean, are this people from heaven or what? While I was on the phone with the agent, It occurred to me and I asked if they could help transport I and my family to the airport because out luggage was quite much. Surprisingly, they offered that services too, and in a twinkle if an eye, they arrived at my house with a black SUV, official chauffeur style! Guys, this is no hype but ALML has to be the best travelling agency I have ever worked with, they made things just too easy for I and my family. Even when we had issues of overload, I gave them a call to and they came through almost immediately, I didn’t know what they did but our luggage were eventually allowed and it was such a relief. They were mainly African stuffs that I wanted to give to my friends and families in London, they wouldn’t have forgiven me if I didn’t go with them. The protocol team at the airport helped with our check-in process. I cant thank you all enough.

Normally, most times, I get to the airport very close to the time of departure, but it wasn’t the case that very first time I tested waters with ALML, they constantly called to remind me of my flight dates and time, hence, I got to the airport early enough.

Again, another banter was the exclusive all-access pass to the lounge at the National airport, I did know that you have pay to have access to the lounge, but it was different with ALML, I was informed I had a sort of free acess to use the lounge just because I booked my tickets from their agency. I mean, it was an all access to the lounge for FREE! ABSOLUTELY FREE. We were treated to a sumptuous meal and exotic drinks. There was free Wi-Fi as well, so while we waited to take off, there wasn’t a single dull moment. Oh! Lest I forget, we met a popular Nigerian actor in the lounge as well and it was a thrilling experience conversing with him.

Even all through my vacation in London, they were constantly sending me e-mails to update me on their new deals. No one needed to tell me that ALML was the one to take care of my return trip back to Nigeria, and as expected, we were treated to a classy, defined and professional touch of service. As they dropped us off at my house and the SUV drove off, I watched in awe, not believing my luck, they made travelling way too easy for me. To cap the long talk, their customer service is topnotch! Even after getting to Nigeria, they still send me messages to inform me of their upgraded services. In fact I just got their e-mail now and it prompted me to write a review about them. Guys, it’s not hype, ALML is the best travelling agency for you, if you just want to sit back, relax and let your international trip take care of itself.

Thank you Mr  Lawal for your kind words. Travel with ease, Be like Mr Lawal. #Almlcares

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  1. Anonymous 2 years ago

    HI Olayinka!

    Recently used ALML’s airport transfer.. The driver was so professional, He got to the airport right on time, and his driving was just superb. i am definitely going to come back for more.

    Thanks ALML GROUP

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