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Easter Is Here Again... Celebrate In Dubai

Easter Is Here Again… Celebrate In Dubai
Olayinka Jones

Dubai is one amazing city everyone should visit. The beautiful city boasts of its luxurious tourist centres and mind-blowing places that can literally take your breath away. Infact, right from the airport, the gigantic yet charming gold highlights immediately draw your attention and helps you to anticipate the wonders of the entire city.

Dubai is home to a multitude of exciting adventures, especially during memorable holidays like Easter. I have carefully selected five places you can visit in Dubai this Easter holidays;

1 Explore The Famous Towers

Burj Al Arab (meaning The Arabian Tower)  is the world’s only Seven-star hotel, the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world, flaunting its iconic construction. It is one of my favourite places in the world. The awesomeness of Burj Al Arab speaks volume. Pictures taken close to the hotel are breathtaking, the sight of the beach next to it is awesome too!

The Burj Khalifa is another wonderful tourist area. It’s architecture design makes you turn heads even when you try to ignore its splendour. It is actually the tallest building in the world.

2) Explore Exquisite and Cultural Restaurants

Are you still wondering about what the universal language is ? worry no more, I am certain it is FOOD !! Yes food , it makes the world a better place. Dubai offers a wide variety of restaurants from exquisite to cultural foods that immediately help you connect with your tradition , even in a foreign land. Remember the proposal scene from The Wedding Party 2? That was shot in Dubai.

3 )Go shopping, Visit The Malls ; Shopping in Dubai is more than your regular walk in the mall; it is an entire experience. Have you heard of the Mall of Emirates? You need to visit, it has an indoor ski slope.The Waf Mall, home of reputable world class brands like Chanel, Nike etc, The Dubai Mall, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, etc. It is safe to say that the entire experience of shopping in Malls in Dubai beats that of New York and Miami. I know many of you will not agree to this because of  the high prices of items in Dubai Malls. A mere window shopping experience will make your stay worth the while.

4) Explore The Global Market ; If you’re looking for your all in one fun spot, the global village will satisfy your cravings, from stage shows to concerts , amusement parks, fireworks shows, dinning, etc. It is a perfect place for families to have fun during easter. The amusement park is all sorts of amazing for children and even adults.

5 ) Explore the Dubai Desert Safari ; you cant fully say you have visited Dubai if you haven’t been to the Dubai Desert Safari, no trip is complete without exploring the deserts, especially the evening safari tours, it creates better experience with activities to watch like belly dancing and other experiences like desert camping.

According to US news, April is one of the best times to visit Dubai, so if you are reading this you’re definitely on time to get really good deals for your Dubai trip. You can send us a message on instagram @Almlgroup , you can also visit our Dubai trip section on the website.



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