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Olayinka Jones

Just as life is in stages, flying with or without kids is also in stages and therefore need preparations. We  have carefully selected a few tips on what to do and pack when flying with kids.


Research is the first thing to do before embarking on any journey, find out how much the child is suppose to pay, the visa, the seating arrangement. check with their schools if it would be convinient at this time, etc

Prepare your child’s mind, explain to the child where you are going to, how to behave, what the child should do on the flight and what not to do, this is applicable when the child is old enough to communicate.

Ensure to pack all the necessary document of the child, the passport, tickets, birth certificate if needed, visas, etc. If your spouse is not traveling with you, some countries will ask for an affidavit , to show that you have your spouse permission to take the child out of the country.

Put enough spare clothes in your hand luggage, for unexpected accidents, your child might need a change of clothe.

Package healthy snacks for a child, avoid sugar because of sugar rush, you dont want a child running up and down the aisle, ensure to pack wipes in your hand luggage, kids get messy, so keep wipes close to you everytime to clean up their mess.

If you want your child to stay put while flying, you need to keep the child entertained. Pack games and books to keep the child busy throughout the flight, ensure to keep a power pack close to you, so the games do not go off at any point.

Dont get carried away with the euphoria of traveling, ensure to pack your childs medication close to you, especially children with allergies or asthyma.

And finally, arrive at the airport early enough , so you can go through check-in process on time. This helps the child to relax before flying.


With these few tips, we hope to have helped you in one way or the other when flying with your kids.



  1. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Thank you Olayinka for these tips. The last time i traveled with my sons, it was something else. They had too much sugar and they kept running all through the flight. I will see to that next time.

    • Author
      Olayinka Jones 2 years ago

      You are welcome

  2. Anonymous 2 years ago

    some great tips! including ones I’ve never thought of before. thanks for sharing!

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