Paris, The Love Capital

Paris, The Love Capital
Olayinka Jones

The season of love is upon us, as a lover of love , I will like to share with you why I think Paris is referred to as the city of love. Personally, if a man wants to propose to me, it better be in Paris. Lol

Paris and romance , they go together like champagne and oysters, cafe and croissants, jambon and beurre, coldstone and dominos, which is why loved up couples take a pilgrimage to the french capital every year on Valentine’s Day.

I am sure you all want to know why exactly Paris is referred to as the city of love, and if she really deserves the title.

According to a study, Paris boasts of two spots on the list of top 10 places in the world to propose admittedly (One of them is Disneyland Paris) and the city has long been a top spot for valentine’s getaway and newlyweds.

Here are a few things I think make people go weak at the knees when Paris is being talked about, and in my honest opinion , I think Paris is worth the hype, the reputation is well deserved.

The Beauty

The city preserves its famous skylines under UNESCO heritage protection which limits buildings to six stories and carefully preserved buildings may go some way to explaining the romantic appeal of Paris. A stroll through the city hand-in-hand is certainly more romantic than a bus or metro ride, and Paris’ small size and wide streets means it’s ideal for walking and talking in the scenery. You can’t get lost, and there’s always something beautiful around the next corner.

The Food

There can’t be a romantic occasion without good food and drink. Paris’ 40,000 restaurants and illustrious gastronomic history make it a top destination for romance seekers. Combining traditionally elegant or cosy restaurants with the backdrop of romantic architecture, you can see why dinner for two in Paris is an appealing thought for many couples. After all, where else can you do a dinner cruise at night that’s as beautiful as Paris? hahaha nowhere

The People

Paris is just not a beautiful place , it also has beautiful people living in it. Citizens of France are called French. These people are passionate, more flirtatious, they do have this seductive quality , they are not afraid to follow their passion , which i think is key.

Paris may not be your happily ever after, however, no doubt you can have a wonderfully romantic time in Paris, enjoying the unique combination of beautiful architecture, unspoiled history , fine cuisine and fine wine. I believe Paris is called the city of love because each year millions of people go to Paris to spend some romantic time , It is also a strong brand because it keeps delivering its love promises to various people across the world.

Hurry now, not too late to book your Valentine trip to Paris, We are here to help you enjoy your Valentines with that special someone because #almlcares


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