The advantages of Solo traveling

The advantages of Solo traveling
Olayinka Jones

Solo travel at its best is deliciously self-indulgent. For me, Its about the only time where the compromises I have to make is with myself and I get to see and learn more, I get to eat whatever I want, and whenever I want it. Amazing feeling yeah?

Taking solo trips are great but you need to know the destinations that are suitable for solo trips. Imagine taking a solo trip to Paris which is known as the city of love? I bet you will not like yourself, you get to see people cudddle up everytime and you are there all by yourself which is not good enough. And its important to know the benefits of solo traveling, in other for you to decide the type of trip you need at a particular time. Well, we all deserve a holiday, for me if I get a 6months holiday twice a year, I really dont mind jumping on the plane. lol

Here are 4 benefits of solo traveling;

1) It is cheaper; I can attest to the fact that solo travling is way cheaper than  that of a group or duo traveling. You will be the one to determine your budget, you get to decide what to eat, places to go that is pocket friendly and even getting an accomodation, you can decide to stay with a family or a friend but when you are with a group, its not convinient to hang people around in other to save cost.

2) It helps to make new friends; making friends in an unknown place is way easier when you are all by yourself. You will need someone to probably talk to on the flight, take pictures of you while visiting your destinations. If you are traveling with your friends or family, you might possibly not want to make friends with any new person since you have someone with you.

3) You get to discover yourself better;  we all agree that traveling exposes you to raw experiences where you get to know the real you. It is better when you go on solo trip, you will be left all by yourself and you get to do things you could never have imagined you could do on your own. It will also help you to follow your own heart without anybody influencing what you want to do. I enjoy my trips better when I travel solo, the wonder woman in me come alive at this time.

4) It will boost your confidence; Visiting a new destination will challenge you to learn how to rely on yourself in difficult times, the experience of traveling alone will challenge your limits and ability to cope with obstacles on the way which will eventually make you a stronger person.

There are about a thousand more reasons why I think a solo trip is needed for everyone, you can share your experience and also your reasons for taking a solo trip in the comment section. #Almlcares

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  1. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Rightly said Olayinka.
    Solo travel helps me to relax and enjoy my holiday. And I find it easy to make new friends

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