January 8, 2021by Olayinka Jones0
  • Happy New Year and welcome to 2021. A better travel year 🛫

2020 was challenging for the travel industry, holidays were cancelled, families couldn’t visit each other, events which included destination weddings were off the table as well as destination proposals and a lot more had to be put on hold. In a nutshell, it was a pandemic year.

We all can agree that 2020 made us realize how important travel is. There’s a self realization about taking a trip and making memories. Personally, I figured that taking a trip is not luxury, it’s a necessity to see the world, meet more people and connect. This year, we intend to step out of our comfort zones and travel the world to learn more.

Here are 5 Travel resolutions to make 2021 your best year of travel:

1) Sign up to ALMLGroup’s newsletters

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2) Book your travel tickets early

Once you are certain about your holiday destination and date, it is best to book your tickets early. Purchasing a summer travel ticket in February is way cheaper than buying your ticket a week before your holiday.

3) Save towards your trip

You have enough time to save up for your trip. Cut down your daily expenses like the burger you buy everyday at work, you can save up that money for your trip. Little drops they say make a mighty ocean. there are several saving apps that you can use to save up for your trip.

4) Learn a new language
Learning a new language has been made easy for everyone with the use of different applications that guides when learning a new language. This motivates you to travel to different places so you don’t have to worry about language barrier.

5) Take more mini-vacations

Travel doesn’t have to be time-consuming, you don’t need to wait for a 4weeks holiday before you take a trip. Read more on local travels, beautiful destinations and they are affordable as well.

These are our 5 travel resolutions to help your travel dream come alive in 2021.


Olayinka Jones

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