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Olayinka Jones

I seem to be getting self obsessed by the day, everyone agrees that fitness is good, it boosts your health, brightens your soul , calms your mind and allows you to do more with your life. Wait a sec, have you ever thought of what taking a trip to unwind does to your life? I personally think its about time to take stress away by taking trips to unwind every year. For me, vacation is the new way to keep fit. Thats why I have decided to share my top 5 travel bucket list with You. Grab a sit if you are standing, get your popcorn and enjoy as I take you through my travel bucket list for 2019 ;

1) An Epic American Road Trip

Nothing shows the beauty of USA than a road trip, it is the epitome of American adventure . It may sound old fashioned , but road trip In the United States of America should be on every traveller’s bucket list. I intend to do a coast to coast trip, seeing every beautiful part of America, from the buzzling jungle of New york to the character filled Orlando while driving and possibly camping at different locations.

2) An Italian Culinary Experience

My love for food can not be measured, We are like twins that cant be separated, Everyone that knows me, know that I am a foodie and will go any length to get what so ever food I crave for. Italian food has a way of pouring love into ones heart, there’s a lot more to Italian food than pasta and pizza . It is unique , wholesome and rich in natural flavour. I feel hungry typing this right now, lol . I will love to visit Italy, especially South Italy, it is said that the freshest ingredients and flavours are found in the smallest villages and farms.

3) Visit a Castle in Scotland

As a child, I grew up with the notion that only royalty is allowed to see or live in castles. We all probably thought so too because of the movies we watched while  growing up. Well, I bring you good news, You dont need to be royalty to see what the inside of a castle looks like. The Edinburgh castle is an icon of Scotland and one of the most popular tourist altractions in the country.

4) Alaskan Cruise

One of the best ways to unwind is to go on a cruise , not your regular Lagos type of cruise. Experience the Alaskan Cruise, there are plenty of Alaskan Cruises to choose from. The balcony from the cabin is everything, the titanic wildlife, untouched icescapes and more. I look forward to knocking off the Alaskan cruise on my bucket list this year.

5) ExploreWildlife In Serengeti

As a lover of wildlife, I am always glued to my TV watching nat geo wild channel, I will love to visit Tanzania because of The Srengeti National Park , it is rich in ecosystem, game reserves and primarilly the largest mammal migration in the world . I cant wait to see the beauty of nature and wildlife in reality, take pictures of different types of animal with my own camera and possibly write about each of them. You can also visit this place any time of the year and experience the good life.

Above are my top 5 travel bucket list, you can also share yours with me by commenting below.

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  1. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Road trip in America is certainly on my bucket list

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