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Ghana is one of Africa’s many treasure chests nestled along west Africa’s Golf of
Guinea. This robust adventure haven is also known for its diverse wildlife, ancient
forts, and sparkling beaches. It is easy for one to feel lost in the capital city of
Ghana , Accra especially if its your first visit.

Ghana is famous for wildlife,culture and food.
Wildlife; Ghana is dotted with abundant wildlife, here you will find species of
forest and bush Elephants, Crocodiles, Lions, Monkeys, Hyenas,Baboons,
Antelope, Leopards, as well as Buffaloes.
Mole national park in Ghana has over 93 mammal species, and Ghana is home to
more than 760 species of birds and astounding 1000 species of butterfly.
Kumasi National Zoological Garden; is a zoo located in the heart of Kumasi in the
Ashanti Region of Ghana. The zoo occupies a 1.5-square-kilometre (370-acre)
area between the Kejetia Bus Terminal, the old race course and the Kumasi
Centre for National Culture.It has about 40 different species of animals, with
individual animals numbering over 135. A notable feature is the thousands of bats
that rest on trees in the zoo.

Ankasa Game Reserve ; Conservation Area is twin Wildlife Protected Area
comprising Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. It is
about 500 sqkm situated in the Western Region of Ghana. Ankasa is the only area
in the Wet Evergreen Forest. The Southwestern corner of the reserve is about 5
km from the border town of Elubo. Takoradi is about 120 km east. Being the area
with the highest rainfall in Ghana, Ankasa is the richest forest in terms of botanical
diversity in the country. Its natural resources are enough to announce its presence
on the world tourism map as haven and Ghana’s tourism address. Therefore, it is
no wonder that Ankasa remains as one of the natural treasures of the nation.


Ghana is pretty culturally diverse and literally houses about 100 distinct ethnic
groups. The largest Akan, Moshi-Dagbani, Ewe and Ga. Others are Gonya,
Kumasi, Abron, Krobo, and Dagomba. Just like in India, Ashati families are
matriachal because linenages are traced through the mother and maternal

So if you are a Bollyhood fan, you will likely fall in love with Ghana.
The National Museum of Ghana is in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. It is the largest
and oldest of the six museums under the administration of the Ghana Museums
and Monuments Board (GMMB).The objects in the archeology section range from
the stone age period to the recent historical past. Those on permanent exhibition
at the ethnography gallery include chief’s regalia, indigenous Ghanaian musical
instruments, gold weights, beads, traditional textiles, stools and pottery.


Traditional Ghananian cuisine may resemble what you will likely find in most other
parts of the African continent, but you will bet rightly that every other thing about it
is entirely different. For example, there is the Nigerian jollof rice, Senegal jollof rice
and Ghananian jollof rice. The debate on which is better is still on, and in my own
honest opinion it will continue, because they all taste great.

Here are some dishes you need to try;
WANKYE AND SHITO; It is pronounced (wa-chayy) , wankye is a unique
Ghananian dish of rice and beans. It is usually a street-side food that can be eaten
for breakfast or brunch. It can be eaten with shito( ghana pepper) or with

BANKU AND TILAPIA; is a meal prepared by fermenting corn flour , it is just like
the Nigerian fufu and can be eaten with stew/soup. Tilapia is a freshwater fish that
is very popular in Ghana. The fish is usually grilled, both are served with shito on
the side.

ABE NKWAN (palmnut soup); palm nut soup is a rich soup made from fresh
palm nuts that is loved not just in Ghana but west africa , Nigerians have a version
they call Banga soup, commonly eaten by people from the eastern part of Nigeria.

GROUNDNUT SOUP; Ghananians like other west african countries are big on
soups. Groundnut soup is a delicious and yummy soup made from peanuts. The
soup can be served with crabs or fish. Yum!

What are you waiting for? explore Ghana this season #almlcares


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